There are many videos available from Rananda’s teachings. The length varies from short clips of two minutes to long teaching videos of two hours or more. Check out the videos on this page, or visit the links page for more options.

Rananda teaches about Joining and Awakening

This video contains excepts from a firm teaching Rananda gave to his group of students.

Some of the topics: be Alive, all problems are your own beliefs, you are doing it to yourself,  you are dying every day, “The Way Out” is right in front of you, the Divine is calling You Home.

Healing as Release from Fear

This short and powerful clip is the start from a teaching of Rananda from A Course in Miracles, “Healing as release from fear.” “If you don’t change your mind, there is no healing. The body does not causes problems for itself. No, it is what is going on in your mind that happens with the body!”



According to Jesus that is a role that you must play in order to learn who you are. That is not a concept, you personally have to accept it! God gave you the role of savior of your world. You are the light of the world. Not someone else!

Listening to the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit will show you the way into the Light. You will be beyond the problem because the Light dispels all the darkness. You will be lead to the remembrance of what it is like to be with your Father. You will be the Light. You will remember Home.

How to Best Serve Your Creator

In this video Rananda tries to express the complete teachings of A Course in Miracles in a short but complete package. His specific intent is to give clarity around the confusion that ACIM students generally have with: ‘How to deal with a world that does not exist?’


A YouTube playlist with short clips from Rananda’s teachings. Each focused on one central theme. A total of seven clips, and the list will keep repeating, for those who want to listen or watch without break. Enjoy!

For more videos from Rananda, please visit the MOM Nederland YouTube Channel.