Rananda’s background has been varied like a walk through a tropical garden… It’s a journey of Heart and Mind.

While only 5 years old, Rananda was receiving instructions from out of time masters.

By 7 years old he had visited all the churches in his hometown of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. USA and each preferred that he not come back and bother them with his penetrating questions that upset the congregations, as well as the ministers, rabbis and priests.

College did little to answer questions but did provide an atmosphere for his questioning mind to find more frustration with the intellect.

By the time the 60’s rolled around the US began to attract more and more spiritual experimentation. Many Gurus came from India and the Middle East to the US. Rananda went to see most of them until he met Guru Maharaji, Prem Pal Singh Rawat, in 1974.

Guru Maharaji initiated Rananda into meditation and sparked Rananda’s entrance into the remembrance of devotion (Bhakti Yoga). He remained active with Divine Light Mission until 1985 when he began to experience his out of time masters calling him once again.

Rananda then began his 5 year channeling experiences with the Great White Brotherhood. He worked with a wide variety of entities that ranged from Ascended Masters and Angels to Buddha and Yogananda. His channeling presented techniques and energies that would help with one’s path towards Ascension.

By 1989, the masters were requesting Rananda to be a master himself. Although reluctant, he knew this was inevitable because it is inevitable for everyone, sooner or later.

In 1991 he joined a group of devoted Christians who practice active transformation through the aid of A Course In Miracles and the guidance of Master Teacher (Charles Anderson).

In October, 1998 the teaching of singularity became more than a teaching, as Rananda found himself in a death belief situation which ended in a revelatory experience of himself as everyone and eternal.

“There is only one of us! And, there is no death!”

In 2000, Rananda returned to be active, once more, in the world. Active with the sharing of love and devotion to our single reality, our Source.