On this website, we offer a collection of teachings from Rananda. We present them as video or audio recordings, transcripts from teachings, quotes, and prayers. Please check out the links to the different categories of teachings below.


A collection of videos, mainly hosted on YouTube. The videos range from short inspirational clips to teachings of over two hours. Check out the sample or
visit the video page.

Listen to audio recordings from Rananda’s teachings in MP3 format. Including the option to download audio for offline listening, and for listening to a 24/7 stream of Rananda’s teachings.

Quotes from Rananda, in both text and graphics. Check out these statements about the Truth, for contemplation or for instant recognition.

Quote Rananda the Truth

Besides listening to audio recordings or watching video recordings from Rananda’s teachings, you can also read the transcripts of part of these teachings. For download or online reading.

Here you find a beautiful collection of personal prayers from Rananda, taken from the teachings he has given over the years.