A collection of links to websites and social media accounts related to Rananda, offering more information and inspiration.

MOM Nederland

Magnum Opus stands for The Great Work of Love – the realization that the unchanging state of Love is our only Reality. This state of Love is our natural state, which does not need to be acquired and has always been. We are and remain as God created us.

MOM Live

Dedicated to the live streaming of MOM Events. Magnum Opus Ministries Nederland is founded as a Church, dedicated to awakening to our Creator. The events provide an opportunity to remember the Truth of what we are.

Rananda’s Ebooks

Through Draft2digital.com, we are publishing ebooks from Rananda. Some will be free. We will sell some for a modest amount of money. You always have the option to check out a free preview before you decide to download or buy these ebooks, so check it out!

Rananda’s YouTube Channel

Dedicated to the spreading of the teachings of Rananda, which are dedicated to the remembrance of What You have always been and will always be. At the time of writing, we have uploaded 86 videos, and more will follow. Check it out!