Rananda’s Prayers

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personal prayers from Rananda.

Beloved Father

“Beloved Father, we come before You, asking for nothing more than what You already want to give, asking for the help that we can see what it is that You have given.
Asking for the help that we will truly receive Your Love. With the wellness and the Light and the Love that we receive, we promise to offer It to all that we meet. Amen.”

(Second interview with Lilian Ferru, January 2013.)

More of Your Love

Father, I want to know more of Your Love.

Help me to be aware of more of Your Love.

Show me what it is like to be with You.

Show me My Love for You.

Show me Your Love for Me.

Let me be aware of What is Real.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, You are My Divine Self.
You know everything I need to know.
You communicate with The Creator.
Please help me to get in touch with
My True Will. Please help me.

Prayer for Remembrance

It is clear that everybody longs for Your touch. Everybody needs Your Love. It is clear that everything that everyone is doing, regardless of what it looks like, is to find Your Presence.

Hidden by all the illusion, so clearly hiding behind everything, You rest with a smile on Your Face, a Joy in Your Heart, and the remembrance of the love of Your Child.

It is from that Child that we reach out to You. It is the Child that wants to know The Father. It is the Son looking for the sole Love of His Father. There is nothing else to find.

As we reach to You, we need Your help. All the errors we have followed are still with us as we drop each one as we remember what it is like that You are.

We have called upon You to send us the Golden Energy to help us remember Your Love and Our Love for You, to replace all errors. To remove all beliefs of the sin of our mind, and set us on the path where we only serve You. Each and every day to serve You.

We are grateful for You, Father, we are grateful for Your Love. Your Mercy and Kindness will guide us all the way Home. All blessings unto You.


(End of 9-day program “Touching Heaven”, 22 January 2017)

I Surrender to Your Love

Father, I humbly ask that I can approach You.

It is my wish and I know it is Your Will that I never forget You.
Not because it is possible to forget,
but because Your Love allows for nothing else.
It is because of the laws that You obey
that the integrity of All That Is, remains exactly
as It has always been.

It is my heart, it is my soul that sings out to You,

that longs to know, to be fulfilled, to extend this Love,
to reclaim all the parts of the Sonship.
The happiness that You have created to be remembered,
to enjoy the return to happiness, joy and ecstasy

for all Your Children, forever!

Father, I am so small, while You are Everything!
Why would I not turn to You?
Why would I not be What You have created?
Who would it make sense to to not love,
to try to find a way where there is no way?
Why would I not accept what You offer?
It is for Me, It is for My Brothers, It is for everyone!
We are All equal in Your Eyes!
We are the Sparks of Light That shine forth from Your Mind.
We are the Illumination That radiates from Your Heart as Love.

We only know what You know.
We cannot be more than What You created Us to be.

Father, we have been mistaken and we have suffered the mistake.

But, You have sent One to redeem us.
The Holy Spirit is making His Presence known
to those who still sleep that they might be redeemed,
that they might remember that
the pain and the suffering not only can stop,
but, indeed, must be an illusion.
For, it is not Your Will that Your Children be other
than What You have created.

Father, it is not my will to be separate from You.
It is not my will to be something that can be harmed.
It is not my will to harm my brother.
I hear and feel a deep stirring within
that connects me directly with You.
It is a calling to be Home, to be creating,
to be loving, to enjoy what You have created
for all Your Children to enjoy.

Father, I love You.
I know, I recognize, my awareness is shifting.
I recognize I am within You!
I am grateful…
Into Thy hands I commend my Spirit!
It is complete, the journey is finished.
All that is left is for Your Children to join in the remembering,
in the knowing, that it is done.
It is time to be happy, it is time to rejoice,
for it is Your Will.
Your Will and My Will are one and the same!

You bless Me with Your Presence.
You bless Me as Your Creation.
You bless Me as Your Child.
You extend to me all the Love that You Are.
There is nothing more that I could ever ask.
There is nothing more I could ever need.
You are Everything to me!

I surrender, I surrender, I surrender to Your Love!