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The Love of God
The Christ in You

God’s Universe
Don’t You Know You Are Life Itself?
What is Your Relationship with God?
Let Me Share with You Something about Light
Truth Is True and Nothing Else Is True!
An Open Heart and an Open Mind
The Solution to the Illusion
True Happiness versus Focusing on Your Personality

The Love of God

Rananda reads from A Course in Miracles (ACIM-W.50).

   Only the Love of God will protect you in all circumstances. It will lift you out of every trial.

Rananda: The Love of God will lift you out.

   And raise you high above all the perceived dangers of this world into a climate of perfect peace and safety.

What will do that? The Love of God. Is that what you want? Do you want to be raised above all your beliefs?

It will transport you …

Beam me up, God! It will transport you into a state of Mind that nothing can threaten, nothing can disturb, and where nothing can intrude upon the Eternal Calm of the Son of God.

(Rananda playing the role of a questioner – Ed.) “Rananda, this is way too strong. Can’t you say something more gentle?”

Okay, God loves you.

I like that, Rananda. That I can relate to.”

Then I will say, “He loves you so much that …” And you will go, “Well, now, now you have gone too far. I don’t mind Him loving me, but, you know, when you start saying things that are not true to my perception, now I am going to have a problem with you. I like the idea He loves me, but do not tell me that I can just rely upon Him when the car is going to hit me, that I can rely upon Him when I am hungry, that I can rely upon Him when I have gotten sick. Now you are going too far, Rananda! Why don’t you just stop with He loves me? I will join you there. But do not be telling me His Love for me denies everything else. Now you have gone too far.”

Right? Is that not what this world does? It represents going too far with God’s Love and I am trying to turn you around. I am doing everything I can to turn you around! Hello? Suzanne and I are doing everything we can to turn you around, everything! Sometimes gentle, sometimes very strong. But we are doing everything we can to encourage you to let go and let God! I will bore you with one more paragraph.

Put not your faith in illusions. They will fail you.

Does that sound like an option? They will fail you. Illusions will fail you. Trying to have a body to protect you will fail. Trying to have a job that will make you feel good will fail. Trying to love somebody’s body and hope that it does not get old will fail. All of the illusion will fail. Put not your faith in it. What do you have left if you do not put your faith in this world? God. But you do not put your faith in God.

You put your doubts in God! That is what you do. You do not doubt the world. You have complete faith in the way the world is. Hey, guys, you have complete faith in the world. I guarantee, I absolutely and totally guarantee you that what I am going to say is true about everybody in this room. You are going to bed at night expecting there to be a world that you are going to wake up to in the morning. You might wish there was not, but you have faith that there will be. Hello? So, what is your faith in? Is it in God or is it in this world? So, your faith is in illusions and you will fail.

Rananda, you are being too strong again.”

How can I teach this message? I do not understand. How can I teach this message without telling you that it means what it means?

And if the message is too strong for you, you are in a wrong teaching. You should go and be with someone who teaches how to meditate, or whatever else they teach these days. You know the other options that you think you have in this world? If this message is too strong for you, you are in the wrong place. But if this message makes sense to you, but you find difficulty being true to it, then you are at the right place, because we can help you be true to the message. Hello? Can you hear me?

So, you decide what you want. But do not be telling me this teaching is too hard and it is too strong. I do not want to hear that. I do not want to hear that from you, because only God’s Love will protect you in all circumstances. Because, You are sustained by the Love of God and that is the Truth.

Put not your faith in illusions. They will fail you. Put all your faith in the Love of God within You: Eternal, Changeless and forever Unfailing. This is the answer to whatever confronts you today. Through the Love of God within You, you can resolve all seeming difficulties without effort and in sure confidence.

No effort required. Just accepting God’s Love. That is all that is asked of you. Accept that God’s Love is sustaining You. If you will accept that, you do not have to make any efforts. You do not have to make an effort to be good enough for God to love You. Hey, You are already worthy. He created worthy things. You do not have to become worthy. But you do have to accept that He created You worthy. You have to allow God to sustain You and stop fighting against Him, by making all kinds of efforts, even in God’s name. Amazing, is it not?

The Christ in You

You must be mistaken. You must be mistaken because I am not. I am not mistaken about who you are. I do not care what you think. If you are not going think with me, if you are not going to join with me in this thinking, you are making a mistake and that mistake is going to cost you everything. And, losing everything, you lose your own peace. Losing your own peace you will have to be suffering the confusion of the battle and war that you experience in your own mind.

That, my friend, is a choice to you. Since it is a choice you are going to have to choose to remember. If you are going to remember, you going to have to actively choose God, Heaven, Christ, You, Forgiveness, The Holy Spirit, Love, whatever label you want to put on it. You are going to have to choose it. Actively. Choose it.

There is nothing to wait for. If you decide to wait that means you want time. Time has nothing to do with God. So you wanting time means you want to have nothing to do with God. Get it clear. Understand what I am saying! Your willingness to delay is your willingness for everything, including you, to die, to suffer, to have pain, to hurt one another.

Understand that is what you are willing for! And when you realize the magnitude of that decision, I know you will change your mind. I know it. I know if you see the magnitude of that, you will change your mind. I am absolutely positively convinced. And I know you have to keep hiding that from yourself to continue to walk through this world as anything other than the Savior. You know how I know that? Because you are in My Mind. I am telling you!

Now, you cannot walk through this world and say you do not know, and you have not heard it. You can walk through this world and say you have heard it and you have rejected it, if you want to. But you cannot say you have not heard it and you have not been advised. You cannot say that God has not reached to you with His Voice to tell you the Truth that you always wanted to hear. You cannot do that anymore and be honest. It is impossible. Now, what are you going to do?

You who would be content with specialness, and seek salvation in a war with Love, consider this: The holy Lord of Heaven has Himself come down to you to offer you your own completion. What is His is yours because in your completion is His Own. He Who willed not to be without His Son could never will that you be brotherless. And would He give a Brother unto you except he be as perfect as yourself, and just as like to Him in holiness as You must be? (ACIM, T-24.V.8)

Do you understand that He just told you that you are as Holy and as Perfect as Jesus the Christ? And, because that is true, you are going to need to accept that. Your unwillingness to accept that is going to kill you. You understand that? Do you understand that? That is what you are being told!

There must be doubt before there can be conflict. And every doubt must be about yourself. Christ has no doubt, and from His certainty His quiet comes. (ACIM, T-24.V.9)

What is one of the three things that I say to you?


If you left no room for doubt you would be Christ. Christ has no doubt. What would you be if you had no room for doubt? You would be aware of Your Christhood, would you not? When I tell you, “Leave no room for doubt”, I am asking you to be Who You Are. Stop killing one another. Because, then, you stop putting doubt in the way of Love, what you do. Leave no room for doubt! Because, then, you will turn to the certainty of the Truth of You.

Drink lots of water.

Because that will help you undergo the physical transformation so that you can resurrect! And, of course, the one that you really like:

Stay… in…the…Light.

Because that means you are staying in the awareness of Truth, the Christ, your transformation, what heals, Holy Spirit, All that is in the Light is what is Real. Stay in the Light!

It is amazing, is it not? Have you ever really looked at the things I have asked of you like that? And what does it really mean to you?

Christ has no doubt, and from His certainty His quiet comes. He will exchange His certainty for all your doubts, if you agree that He is One with you, and that this Oneness is endless, timeless, and within your grasp because your hands are His. He is within you, yet He walks beside you and before, leading the way that He must go to find Himself complete. His quietness becomes your certainty. And where is doubt, when certainty has come?” (ACIM, T-24.V.9)

You know, when you listen to Jesus, you kind of get the feeling the Christ is cool. And, that we really are missing something by trying to be special. I mean, you know, you are trying to be somebody nowhere when you could be everybody everywhere!

But you would have to give up your specialness. You have to stop seeing brothers as being special or not worthy to be loved. It does require a shift and a change in your beliefs. That is what I am asking, right? I am asking you to never get away from lesson 132. I am asking you to wake up in lesson132. Right? What holds the world in chains but your beliefs? So, what sets it free? Your beliefs. All that is possible because of four words in the same lesson: There…is …no…world. Because it is not the Will of God. Therefore it is not your will.

Phenomena is not your will. Because there is only one Will and You share That with God. And phenomena is not God’s will. The material world is not God’s domain. It is not His Kingdom and therefore it is not Yours. God is Spiritual and therefore so are You!

That makes everything going on here completely impossible. That is where you find your freedom.

Not in hanging out with your problems. But, by constantly bringing the Truth back to your Mind so that your problems can be recognized as the illusion trying to keep you from being in the Presence of God!

When you stay focused on the willingness to be in the Presence of God, you will be led through everything that in your mind is being said to you is a problem.

God is the solution to the idea of problems! But you have to be willing to be with God for your problems to be stopped or removed from your mind for you. Stop asking Him to enter in and solve your problem for you. Let Him have your problems disappear. That is what you want.

The solution to what you see as a problem is not held within the circumstances that you used to describe your problems. The solution to them is outside of what you are describing. Outside of time and space. All your problems are described by you bound in time and space and the language that you use to verify time and space. Reality is the solution to an illusion.

“Well I am glad. Now, if I just can wait for my awakening.” No, you cannot! You have to be actively forgiving!

God's Universe

No one can be beyond the limitless, because what has no limits must be everywhere. There are no beginnings and no endings in God, whose Universe is Himself.*

God’s Universe is Himself. You are a part of God’s Universe because God created you by extending Himself as You. That You is One Thing. He did not extend Himself as billions of people on one little spinning mudball and then other mudballs all over His Universe that you know nothing about. Does that sound like God extending Himself?

You know nothing about the other parts of yourself. Hey, do you not get it? You do not know what is going on anywhere outside of your planet. Certainly, you have an idea, a small picture of an idea of what is going on in your solar system, but you do not know beyond that. You guess some things. You try to measure things. You build instruments to measure things, so that you can have an idea what might be going on outside your solar system; not your universe, not your galaxy. You are still trying to figure out what is going on off your planet. You really do not even know what is on the other side of the moon that is spinning around your mudball. You do not know very much actually at all! There are things that are happening right here on your mudball that you have not discovered yet.

Jesus says that you are caught in an infinitely small maze and when He told you that He was being kind. Can you exclude yourself from the Universe or from God Who is the Universe? I and my Father are One with You for You are Part of Us. Do your really believe that Part of God can be missing or lost to Him?

Yes, you do and I wish you would start admitting it, because that is the only way you are going to get to your healing. I am not talking about, do you agree with the concepts presented to you in A Course In Miracles. I know you like the idea of agreeing with them. I am not ever asking you if you do agree with them. I am always asking you, “Are you looking at what is going on in your mind as an indication as to what you believe in?” Because that is what needs to be healed, what you believe in.

Somewhere along the line you are going to grasp why I love and teach over and over and over again lesson 132, which is what? What holds the world in chains but my beliefs? What limits this world but my beliefs? So, what sets it free? Me changing my mind about the purpose of the world and I do that by questioning, “What can possibly experience this bleak world?” And do not answer,”me”! After what I just read to you, what could possibly experience this world? “Nothing”. So, you who said “me”, guess what you are?Nothing, and that is what you have a problem with. You insist that the “you” that you know of, is something. Then you suffer trying to be something, because something in this world must die, because everything in this world dies, unless it returns to the awareness that It is not of this world.

God is Spiritual and therefore so am I. I am not of this world! Do you know that? You like the concept, but do you Know the Truth of those words? And, if you do not, you are going to die, because your willingness not to Know is your willingness to die.

Does this sound like a threat? How can I threaten you? They are your thoughts! I am not threatening you. All I am doing is helping you see your own thoughts, what you are valuing and the results you are going to get by valuing them. And I affirm that that is not You. My teaching is for Who You are. So is yours and we apparently do not agree. Hello? We seem to not agree on “who you are”. You tell me by what you say you know who you are, and I tell you Who and What I Know Who You are and we do not agree.

Because of the unwillingness to agree, there is no joining and without joining you will never Know Who You are. Without joining you are not going to Know Who You are. So, keep me separate from you and stay safe; defend yourself against what I am saying instead of joining and feel the pain and suffering rather than the joy of this message. That will keep you from joining, will it not? 

I am in the joy and you are in the pain and the suffering and you justify this in your mind rather than joining now, right? You can join right now. You can get happy right now! All you would have to do is to let go of your ideas, your beliefs and accept God’s Will. So I ask you, what keeps you from accepting God’s Will? What beliefs are you holding onto that keep you from accepting God’s Will?

You really need to look at that and whatever it is, just be willing to let it go. Who cares what it is? Whatever it is, it is not real, it is an illusion. It has no value except for you. It should be easy for you to let go, because God’s Power is with every thought and if you have a thought of willingness to let go, remember then that the Power of God will take you all the way into the remembering. You have got that passion in you! God puts it there. It is called Love sometimes. Good stuff, is it not? This book is really good stuff.


* Rananda read from “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, August 2010, (CD “Naked” Part One)ISBN 978-90-78582-03-8


You train one another to use your mind, to use what you call time and space in a way in which you’re bound to be unhappy.

So, you come here and you think that Rananda, you have heard, has information and you’ve come to get it. And then, you sit with me and I say, “Look, what it is that I’m offering you is a moment of your time where you join with the mind that I’m aware of that has nothing to do with time and space. But if you don’t join in that mind that I’m aware of, you won’t know that it’s your mind also.”

And it is from that single mind, or from that mind that is outside of time and space, that oneness and all the happiness and everything that you talk about and hear about or have read about is actually accessible. So, until you learn how to join, you will be a gatherer of information and then you sort that information out, trying to find out what value it has to you, because you don’t intend to have your life disappear, you intend to get it better here.

And for many people, that’s the highest goal that they have set for themselves. They want to have an easier lifestyle here in this world rather than the ending of all pain, suffering and death itself, which is the path of Jesus with the Resurrection and Ascension. If you try to gather all this information and then sort it out and apply it to what you call your life, you’re actually in active denial of what it is that I’m teaching you. In that act of denying you cannot know what Love is.

The simplicity and the clarity that I’m sharing with you right now, you’re going to have to value it or you’re going to miss the whole thing, because look, here is what happens with the mind that gathers the information and here is the information and it does not apply it to its own activity, it gathers it as information. But to join, you have to hear what it is I’m saying. You have to see how you do what it is that I’m saying and then you have to let that change and that’s where the joining happens. Can you hear what I’m saying? Like, when I say something to you, like, for instance, ‘Forgiveness is required in order to recognize what Love is’, if that were me hearing that, I would say,

“O, how do I not forgive?” And I’d look in my mind for that activity that is not forgiving and then I would look for the place, this is the only way I can say it, the place in my mind, where the action of forgiveness takes place as an activity, not as a concept, as an activity, as an action. That is how you join. If you practice what I just got done saying, it will come, because it will be revealed to you. Why? Because in looking for where and how it is that you do that, that is your expression of willingness for transformation with the change for the recognizing what you‘re putting in the way of Love.

The trick that happens with some of you guys is, once you got there you go, “I got there, I got there.” But then, you got active with trying to make a change. No, your job is not to make the change. Your job was to be willing to bring that to the light. To bring what you do to the Light, the Light then does the work. So, your first line of activity is, you look at it as information and you go, “O, that’s nice, I like that idea. Boy, that’s really confrontational” and you keep it on an intellectual level of data. Then, at some point, you get really frustrated with knowing the concepts, but you’re still having all the same kind of struggles and problems that you had, because you haven’t really gotten into the activity of transformation. Then somebody helps you .You have one of those insight moments: He’s actually talking to me, when he says you in A Course in Miracles. And then, you begin to apply it to yourself. Not through guilt, but through the willingness to see exactly what it is that you do to feel less than worthy. Littleness is a fantastic idea of the ego.

OK? So, you have to be aware of you doing that. It’s the joining that you guys are missing. OK. So, if your master is not worthy to join with, then you don’t really know what Love is yet. Not knowing what Love is, you are going to have a lot of fear activity coming up as these opportunities come to you to know what Love really is.

And if you maintain the idea of fear in association with that, it will be difficult for you to want to continue doing that when it constantly leads you into fear. OK, now you have to see, why do you use fear there. If you don’t join, you don’t get past that part. You might have had to get to where the fear had to show up for you, because you got close to the unveiling. But you can’t get near that without joining with one who does not experience fear there. Now, so, what we’re saying is, is that you need to learn how to join and not just gather pieces of information.

The only way you break that pattern is to join in the mind that belongs to you.

You have to start, which means, you have to find one who you are willing to not have any grievances with. One, if you can just find one that you are going to dedicate yourself to. This is what you guys don’t like, dedicating yourself to somebody! If you will just find one that you can dedicate yourself to. Say, “I refuse to have grievances with that person.” When I make a judgment, I am going to say, “O, that is what I am putting in the way of Love”. You see, you have to have one that you are really focused on, that you are really going to work this program and let this program work you. Both in a sense of; “I am going to be willing and then the Light will do the work”. If you cannot make that commitment, then it will take a lot of time, until you get to the point where you can make a commitment. OK?

(Teaching Rananda, September 2008).

Don’t You Know You Are Life Itself?

The question that this article would like to address is: Do or don’t you believe that resurrection and ascension are possible for you?

A conversation between Frans Vermeulen and Rananda, an awakened teacher.

In our world there is still debating going on whether or not Jesus experienced the resurrection and ascension, let alone other individuals such as Saint Germain and Sri Ramalinga Adigalar. Rananda, “So, you can debate all you want, whether or not someone else has actually demonstrated that. The question really is, ‘How about you? Is it possible for you?’”

“If you believe in death, then resurrection becomes the overcoming of death. If you believe in being in the Presence of a Creator then ascension has value for you. Now, perhaps this sounds very simple. And, that would be true because it is simple. But for the experience, the allowing of yourself to have these experiences dawn within your awareness, within your mind, you might depending upon how you describe yourself to yourself, experience that with great difficulty. I am referring to the idea that there is not something that dies and something that lives on. I am not talking about those concepts. I am talking about the idea that if something dies everything dies. But, if one thing does not die then nothing dies.”

It seems that I have to make a choice between life and death.

“Yes, because we are talking about laws. Life – Reality – follows laws. Illusion follows laws. Everything is lawful. The only question is: What law do you follow? The law of Life does not allow death. The law of death does not allow Life. They deny one another. And, if you think there is Life and there is death, then in your mind you are willing to consider that there are two things that oppose each other with equal force. That does not make sense to me. It does not make sense to me that, if there is Life Eternal that there would be such a thing as death. Now, when you take those ideas and you begin to address them with what you perceive, you have a contradiction.”

Can you expand on that?

“Perception brings about a contradiction. For perception can only bring into your awareness the law of death. Your perception does not bring in the set of laws that represent Life and what is eternal. It only brings to you the experiences of that that has a beginning and has an ending.”

But everything I perceive has an ending.

“That’s right. So let me ask you, “Things that fall apart, does that speak to you of Love? Things that are born and suffer and then die, what does that speak to you of? And this is what we perceive in this world. Perception cannot describe you. It describes an illusion. An illusion I am referring to, right, that has a beginning and has an ending. Reality is eternal.”

So, basically, you are speaking about the essence of all teachings?

“I speak about the essence of every teaching that has value and is associated with Truth. What I care about is what is the same about all religions? What is the same about all people? What is the Truth of Love and Light? What is the essence of Our Creator? What is it that we would really be like if we stopped playing games and trying to prove to other people that we are worthy of their love? How about if you just wanted to be in a relationship with Your Creator that was one that you could be happy with? Wouldn’t you find your relationships with other people to be happy also?”

So I have to look for a common denominator?

“Yes. The common denominator of Love would be the Source of Love. The Source to end all conflict would be the Source of Peace. Is not your Creator a loving and peaceful Creator? Then, wouldn’t any relationship be solved, or any problem solved, even in your world, even what you call the conflicts that happen in your world, that you call wars! There is a solution to everything that you perceive. Reality is the solution to an illusion. All of perception is an illusion. You have had this demonstrated in your world to you by those who have gone on before you.”

“The solution that I have found does not depend upon what you do in the illusion. It treats all aspects of an illusion exactly the same. And when the master of illusion shows up, it denies any reality to that master.”

Who is the master of illusion?

“You call it the ego. That is the thought patterning that constantly shows up in your mind, that encourages you to believe that the value of you is found in this world rather than telling you, ‘You are the solution to this world.’ Imagine if your value, your true value was: You are the solution to this world rather than that you are part of the problem that this world presents. But, if you listen to the ego you will be a part of the problem, because the master of illusion has the intent for you to die. It has the intent for you to believe in pain, suffering and death.”

That sounds like an apocalypse.

“Not necessarily. Perhaps you find your life missing the kind of happiness that you believe you deserve. You’re looking for: How can I make sense out of all of this? I have had enough pain and suffering. There has got to be another way! So whether you are a Muslim, whether you are a Christian, whether you are of no religion, whether your religion is science, it really does not matter. I take science for instance. Even science now has discovered quantum physics. And quantum has demonstrated that there is something that is not of the speed of light! It is not bound by time. In fact, it functions faster than the speed of light. And, as you are well aware of: the speed of light is how you measure time. So, if it is faster than the speed of light, it cannot be of time and space!”

Can you repeat that?

“There is something that is faster than time and space. And your scientists have recognized that. Right now, they don’t quite know what to do about it, because it denies your human, most brilliant scientists’ theories. His name was Einstein. And, without Einstein you would have to live. Because he taught you, if you go faster than the speed of light, you will die. And, now you know that it is not true. The Source of Life being Eternal is never going to be convinced that you are something that can die. How do you convince something that is eternal that you can die? So that is the dilemma that you find yourself in. You have a Source that is Eternal and yet you believe you are something that can die…! That is the reason why you feel that conflict that you really long to have resolved.”

Isn’t that the message of The Keys of Enoch, the Urantia book and A Course in Miracles?

“Yes and you also can pick up a lot of the science magazines today. You are in an Information Age. However, all the information you are getting is about the illusion! What I would like to present to you is the possibility that you can be in an Awakening Age where you tell everything, ‘I demand to know.’ You stop hiding and dying. You take control and stop holding images of yourself of being unable to experience what you want. You know what You deserve as a Creation of God. Can you feel that within you?”

I can see clearly that this world does not support that.

“Last night I watched the movie called Joan of Arc. To me it was very similar to the story of Jesus. She was willing to respond to help people and there was an attempt to stop her to the point where she was burned at the stake. And, the people that did it knew better but they chose against the path of love. Now, what is the difference between you and Joan of Arc or Jesus or Buddha?”

I don’t know.

“If there is a difference – that is what the illusion is. It is an illusion of differences. Now, it has got to be obvious to you at this point why those words will never be enough for you. If words were enough, I could say, “Okay everyone. The only Reality is Oneness. See? And, then you would just experience Oneness. But it’s not magic. It’s something that has to happen in your mind, where that idea is more valuable to you than your willingness to continue to experience the illusion of duality. It’s about willingness for the laws that you obey to be recognized as the laws of illusion, so that you don’t have to obey them any longer.”

Total anarchy?

“You will have to obey laws. God, Your Creator, Your Source is not lawless. He is lawful. God is full of law. God is only Love! And, if God is only Love, He must be true to the law of Love. And, that is where you find difficulty. If Your Source follows only the law of Love, then why are all these unloving things happening to you? And, then, you will hear things like I heard in the movie last night: Well, it’s not God, it’s men who do that. But let me ask you, ‘How can men do that if God creates only loving?’ That is impossible in association with an only loving God.”

But, if there is a God or a Source that is other than only loving, then there must be other things possible?

“However, you would not have any longer an eternal source. At that point your source would also have to know or experience a death of itself. So, what happened to the idea of eternal then? Then there is no such thing as eternal. But why do you have an idea of eternal if there is no such thing. So, there must be Something That is Eternal. So, then, somewhere there is a mistake being made. There is a mistake being made in your mind. With the association as to what is real and what is illusion.”

Rananda states that it is all about the choice that I make in my mind. He continues holding out his hands as if he weighs something, “What choice do I want to make? Let me see: a trillion euro or one euro? I just gave you a hypothetical decision to make, an idea. And, even with that idea you gave different value to the ideas. You gave a value to a trillion dollars. Maybe they were counterfeit and the other one was a coin.”

Rananda asks if I have ever been mistaken about something I have chosen. “Then you know what that is like. How about if you made a mistake in choosing the illusion to be reality for you? I know, that seems to be a bigger loss. Isn’t it? It is a bigger loss for you to admit to yourself that you made a mistake about what Reality is. Oh, I made a mistake. I left Heaven. Wound up in an illusion. That’s too big for you to really want to consider, isn’t it?

But how about if it was just a mistake? And, I am here to tell you that that’s all that it is. You have made the mistake to listen to the thought system of the master of illusion. In doing that you have become a master of illusions. Your divine right is to be a master of eternity, because of the nature of your Creator, Your Source, God, whatever labels or words you want to use. Whatever language you want to use. Whatever platform you want to talk about.”

Let’s talk about science.

“Yes. Scientists try to break atoms down further, but who cares? Every year you hear about someone who found something smaller. And then, they get a big prize and everything. So, their whole life is trying to find something smaller and smaller. I mean, you can’t find what doesn’t exist…! So, you have got to find something small.”

It sounds absurd.

“Anybody with any amount of recognition of how the mind works would know that you can’t keep cutting something in half and again in half and, finally get to nothing. Because you are always taking something that you are cutting in half. So, there is always a half of that something. No matter how small it is. Do you understand what I am saying? These are just concepts. These are just ideas in the mind that you use to confuse yourself because, what you really want is just the experience of Love.”

So Rananda, what have you come to offer us?

“Well, first of all, I have come to offer you what has happened to me that allows me to look at this world and recognize it has NO reality to it. None whatsoever. And, the other part of that experience was that I have been shown what reality is. I have been taken into that experience and have come back to share with you not what it is like, because you cannot use the language of the illusion for what it is like. The most that I can do with you is indicating to you: it is ours! We deserve to be a part of that Eternal Life. We were created to be a Part of That. Along the road we took a wrong turn. And we are suffering because of that.”

Rananda wants us to know that we don’t have to suffer any longer if we don’t want to. “You have all the power. The ego has none at all. It is just a thought system in your mind. If you don’t put the power together with that thought system it has none.”

So, the thought might still be there, but if I don’t give it the power it cannot manifest anything.

“Yes, you are the master of choice. So, I have come to encourage you to make the choices that will bring you happiness rather than continuing the path that is going to lead you to pain and suffering and death.”

It sounds exactly like the teaching that Buddha gave.

“It is the same teaching that Buddha gave. It is the same teaching that Jesus gave. I have come to tell you they are teaching the same thing. It is about the Love that you have that is intrinsic, that is basic to you in the relationship with your Creator.”

So I have been mistaken?

“Right. Even in your darkest hour, when you cry out for help, you want the help to come into the illusion and do something to the illusion. You want the eternal to enter into the illusion and do something to it! Your self-made self-identity struggles with the truth.”

I am an illusion.

“Yes, but the real You is ready to replace the illusionary identity. And, you are debating whether you really do or don’t want to be something that is going to die. And it doesn’t make sense. Does it?

So, I don’t care what religion, or no-religion anybody is involved in. All I want to know is: Do you want to know your Creator? Do you want to come into the Awareness of the essence of what Life is? And when I say Life, I do not mean a series of events that you can perceive and remember and talk about. I am talking about the essence of Life Itself. Does that excite you at all to experience Life Itself?”

What Is Your Relationship With God?

Can you decide, “God, I am in contact with you!”

The gap, as Jesus calls it, between seeing the need for a change and allowing it, what is it? What fills the gap? God! What is your relationship with God?

Look at that you are making something outside of your relationship with God. For instance, being stuck is the idea of a gap.

Be fascinated with God. God wants more than “sometimes” out of you. Like what you want from a lover.

Do you have a relationship with God as with a lover?

How are you going to be with your lover and your lover with you?

What kind of a lover are you with God?

You know how you want a love to be like. God wants you to be like that with Him! You have that expectation of God, but for yourself it is OK not to be like that with Him.
God created you as a full time lover. Being a part time lover will never bring you happiness.
What integrity do you have?
When you are not happy with your relationship, change it. Turn to God right now.
What keeps you from having an ecstatic relationship with God? His Love is there always.
There is no fear.
What do you do in your head? Is there a right or wrong way to approach God? Change your beliefs!

Maybe your willingness to respond to God needs to be increased, so that it doesn’t remain a conceptual activity. When? It is the only way that you can become more happy. It is the same with sharing God’s Thoughts.

I am quite surprised that you think you are not in control of your mind, as if you don’t make decisions in your mind.

You tell yourself that you are angry and you get into anger.
You tell yourself that you are upset and you get upset.
You tell yourself that you like someone and you like someone.
What’s different about God?
Every moment you make the choice that you like someone, are angry or upset.
Can you decide, “God, I’m in contact with you?”
You can choose God right now!
You can choose to be the Son of God!
Declare that!

Jesus said, “If you knew me, you would also know My Father”. I am occurring in your mind just like that. Come to me with the intent to join. Feel that I am in contact with you!

It is good to look at what kind of a lover you are. What are you actively going to do to demonstrate that you are a lover of God? Ask yourself. Find something and tell God. God will say OK and will help you with that. Step forward into the relationship with God. Demonstrate that you are learning.

When you are really a faithful lover, you want God to enter into the gap. He will show you the Spirit That is in everyone.

Your assignment: Look at your relationship with God.

What can you do and what are you willing to do to be a lover to God? This might not be the same. Looking at that should be very interesting for you. What are you going to do to help you to make that change? How are you going to practice? It has to be active!

(Part of Teaching Rananda, Second Easter Day, April 25, 2011.)

Let Me Share with You Something about Light

Hello. How are you doing? Are you happy at church? Let me share with you something about Light.

I am not going to tell you something you do not already know. Because we all Know Everything, right? We do not pay attention to it all the time, but we Know Everything, don’t we? Right? You hear the Truth, and you go, “That is the Truth,” isn’t it? When you hear a lie, you go, “Oh, oh, something is going on there!” Right?

But the Truth is always the Truth, unless it is a light that you make up. And when it is a light you make up, you made it so that you do not experience the Light that Your Creator created for You. Do not get so excited about trying to make the Light. The Light is already everywhere! You are about opening to It to say:

Help me remember. Holy Spirit, help me remember what it is that I need to remember. Because if You do not, I will make it up, because I want it so desperately.”

You know how you desperately want the Light? Well, the ego knows that you desperately want the Light. So, it will be glad to make one up for you. Or, you can have the One that is outrageous and is waiting for you to pay attention to It.

One of the most beautiful things about the Light that I would like everybody to remember is that you cannot find Your Creator without finding the Light. Because You Are the Light! … Because You Are the Light ! … When you experience the Light You remember Who You Are. Once You remember Who You are, once you have that spark of that Light, once you have that recognition of the Light, when Your Light joins with Your brothers Light, You are joined. The only reason you do not know God is because you do not always join! But when You join Your Light with your Brothers Light, You can actually find Your Creator.

Now, all of you that say you have not found the Creator is because you have not enjoyed the Light That You Are. You have not been fascinated with the Light that You Are. It just has to overcome all your beliefs in the world. That Light just shines so bright that the world is not so important any longer as the Light Itself Is. And, in that Light you can invite your Brother to join You. And that is the complete Course in Miracles, isn’t it? Right?

You ask your brother to find that Light in himself! You see it. You see the Light. And, then, he reminds you that he sees Your Light. Then what happens? Then there is a joining that takes place, and from that joining you have the ability to find Your Creator. You cannot do it by yourself. I do not care how bright you think you are. I do not care how dumb you think you are. You cannot do it alone. You have to find the wisdom of finding that Light within Yourself. Then You invite your brother:

“Please, see the Light with Me. Please, see the Light with Me. See the Light rather than the world.”

And the world will change. The purpose of the world will change because it has to support the Light. Then you know without any question in Your Mind exactly, specifically, without any question whatsoever, what you are doing here. Because You are the Light here! You are the Light of the world! You are the Light of the world! There is not somebody else coming, You are the Light of the world! Because that is what Your Creator created You to Be. You are created to be the Light. That is What You are. Everything else is an illusion. You can use it when it supports the Light. But you don’t make it real because it will never be real.

Those Lights have to join together. You, personally, have to find how Your Light can join with your Brother’s Light. It is not difficult. Light finds it quite easy to join with Itself. It is really easy to join with Yourself.

So when you think it is not You, then you have a hard time, don’t you? You have a hard time to make that joining, because there is something that is keeping you, right? There is a barrier, there is a veil, there is something that keeps you separate. But there is nothing keeping the Light separate. Nothing is ever keeping the Light separate, ever! It is the Will of Your Creator that What is Real is Real forever. That is You. You are Whole forever.

Wouldn’t it be really nice if you would encourage one another to see the Wholeness that You fit into? And, anything that represents the separation of that, you can bring it to the Light. You can bring the darkness to the Light so that the Vision takes care of whatever it is that is going on in your mind and makes the world “real” to you. The world is never real to the Light. The light always reminds You that You are One with Your Creator. Forever! One Light joins with Another and They are All Home.

Jesus says: “When I resurrected and when I ascended, I included You.”

You think your Awakening and your joining is in the future. I am here to tell you it is not in your future! I am here to tell you it has already occurred! All that you need is the memory activated in Your Mind that that the Lights have joined. When you accept that the Lights have joined, you will have the value of those Lights being available for the Will of Your Father. You and the Will of Your Father in the Light. Okay?

Stop projecting It as part of the future. You don’t need the future to wake up. Can you hear me? Time has nothing to do with your Awakening. Can you hear me? Time has nothing to do with your Awakening. It is a fabric of the illusion. The Light has everything to do with your Awakening. That is where you want to be fascinated. Your Light and your willingness to join with your Brother rather than being lost in the characterizations that you are both using to have something that is “alive” in the world. Those characterizations are just a memory pattern that is associated with your body. It has nothing to do with the Light. You get so upset with everybody’s characterization: “No, act like this. No, talk like that. No, do this. Now, stop doing that!” That’s all characterization stuff. It has nothing to do with the Light. Nothing!

The Light, That is your way Home.. Remember what you really want! Okay? I love You.

Truth Is True and Nothing Else Is True!

Rananda: You can tell all your stories you want, but Truth is True and nothing else is True.
Now, are you with Truth or are you with what you want to say?

Listener: I want the Truth, yeah.

Rananda: See, the amazing thing is like, “I look at the situation that I find myself in.” Do you understand that?

Audience: Yes.

R: Now, you are not going to like it, but I am going to tell you. Okay? This never happened! There is your problem. Because you are in your illusion saying it happened. It is an illusion. So, it never happened. But you don’t like walking around like it never happened. You are walking around like you are suffering in your illusion. And, no matter how much I try to help you, you ignore me. Because, whatever your false self is experiencing, you hold on to it and you tell me that that is more important to you than my Love. And, then, I say: “Father, is there anything that I can possibly do that can help them find the Truth?”

He goes: “Do you know how long I tried?” Doesn’t that sound like the movie again?

Listener: Yes, Bruce Almighty.

Rananda: I am telling you, that is the way I think. Because my Heart longs for you. And, whether you like it or not, I cannot stop it.

Hello? You cannot stop it. Because That is Who You are. Your Father is the Source of Love. That is everything that is happening with You.

Audience: I am the Son of God.

Rananda: You are an image! And, you haven’t overcome your image to know Your True Self Which You are forever. But, you cannot stay here and enjoy that You are the Son of God. So, you are looking for a moment of transformation? And, God has offered it to you and, He is Eternal? He created You to be Eternal? So, can I ask you a question?

Audience: Yes!

Rananda: What is your problem?

Audience: A made up problem… …(inaudible)

Rananda: Now you are gonna come up with your false ego words. Or, would you look at it, and go, “There is no understanding because my Father holds Me and I am yet in accepting It is True. Although there is a part of me that desires It, there is also a part of me that is still bound in the world.

I am looking for the transformation that sets me free! In the meantime, I am stuck in the world and I am suffering. I am causing my brothers to suffer with me. And they are trying to get me to suffer with them.
So, my longing for God is seriously real in me. Because, without God, all I have is the suffering of the world. But Love never left Me. So, I care for everyone who is suffering in the world.”

And, then, I look at my Father and I go, “You are the solution. You are eternally Loving and have always given Your Love to Your Children.”

Now, I am looking at the situation! If I don’t move from that I am okay. If I move from it, I went back to making the world real again. Or, somebody has encouraged me to make it real. And, my love for them said, “Well, okay, I’ll be there with you for a moment.” And, then, I suffer and I have the world and I am not the answer for My Father any longer.

When I realized what I am doing I feel really, really bad. Why? Because I turned against my Father. Then I look for forgiveness and I have to forgive myself?

I am happy with My Father because He supports me with His Presence. Then I have one of those really, really deep moments you know, really, really deep moments, and I am looking inside and I go, “I’d rather be Home. Dad, can You bring me Home?”

You realize when it is time for you to go Home, you will. Now, what happens between now and when you go Home which has no time in it? What happens with you?

Listener: Well, that depends where your attention is resting upon.

Rananda: Do you let go of God? Do you hold on to your future? Or, do you join with Everything so you Know the Totality of You. What do you do?

Listener: I flipflop between the two.

Rananda: That is why you are here and still looking for the solution which you were already given. Who the hell are you, looking for the solution, when it was already given to you? Who the hell do you think you are looking for something that God has already given you?

See, this is not about right or wrong. This is about your relationship with Your Creator. God doesn’t change. Neither do You. You are paying attention to your false self and you have a problem. It doesn’t take the problem away from you by accepting what I am telling you. But, it must tell you where the solution is. You have to move from your awareness of your false self to your True Self, so You can be with God forever.

And, then you have 8 billion humans running on the planet, So, how much Love do you think you have? You think you can’t even handle all of it in your body. That is how you treat yourself. You limit yourself to the laws of your illusion.
Am I totally absurd to be here to talk to you?

Audience: No!

Rananda: Yeah, but, how come I am talking to you about things that you seem to not know? When I talk to you, you go, “Wow, that is really good.” But you don’t Know it. But you like it when you hear it.

Is God calling You Home?

Audience: Yes.

Rananda: What are you waiting for? Isn’t it your willingness you are waiting for?

Audience: Yes.

Ranannda: Why are you denying your willingness?

Listener: I find that I have a difficulty with being completely total or nothing. To just surrender myself totally.

Rananda: Yeah, but I told you, you are not here. Now, you are looking at your false self and telling me the problem your false self has, and you following it. And you have problems? I go, no wonder. It is false. Why do you follow your false self, when your True Self is the Son of God, is Home in Heaven and Knows what Love is. Would you rather be in that Path or in the path of the false self?

Why do you guys keep coming back to the world again, structuring yourself and your false self telling me what your problems are and how I should accept them because you want me to accept what you are doing in the world? I keep saying, “I do accept what you are doing in the world because, who is doing that is false!”

Listener: Yeah, that is it!

Rananda: Your problem is, you don’t think it is false. You won’t admit you are a false self and you are locked into it and are suffering. Whether you like it or not, you are dying every day! Why? Because you are not in Love. Why are you not in Love? Because you don’t even think that Love is outside of this planet. And, you think, what goes on here is what love is. So, you think you already know it.

You are afraid of Divine Love. Because Divine Love does not recognize space and time. And your false self needs space and time to believe it is a false self. One of the parts of the Red Book* you really don’t like is when Master Teacher tells you, “You are not here!” He and I come from a unusual line of Lovers of God. You are waiting to find out where the hell you are from because, you won’t admit it. Because, when you do admit it, you like to admit it as a bunch of words that sets you free from the world. But, words cannot set you free from the world. Now you are caught in your own lie. Then you hang out together because you think it is more real when someone agrees with you and supports it. Isn’t that what you call your laws here?

Audience: Yes.

Rananda: Do you think that is the way it is in Heaven? No, it is not that way at all. (Rananda laughs. Ed.) So, Everything is Love and you don’t have to change anything in Heaven. And all the change that happens, is exactly the same. It is more expression of Love. Am I getting out of hand again?

Listener: I find it truly incredible how you are teaching this. I mean, It is so all or nothing.

Rananda: Well, it is. You got one choice, separation or total Love. And, in between, you know, you have everybody who says, “Well, we’re stuck in the world and we’re beginning to learn what it is you are saying.” And they think that is the way of A Course in Miracles.

I don’t give you time, but you are demanding it. See, Truth is True and nothing else is True, don’t you understand? So, there is only Heaven! If there is only Heaven, why do you debate with me? Why do you tell me about all the things going on in the world? You think you are going to go change My Mind?

Audience: Laughter.

Listener: But can I let go of everything I believe that is not of God in one moment?

Rananda: Yes.

Listener: I still doubt that, you know. That is where I find my problem.

Rananda: Okay, you doubt. There is your problem.

Listener: Yeah.

Rananda: Now, tell me this. Who do you think doubts?

Listener:: Yeah, the one who is not in heaven thinking she is not in Heaven.

Rananda: Well, it is nothing then. Truth is True, and nothing else is True. It is nothing! So, there you are pretending you are really something when you are nothing and tell me how sincere you are about it. And, how you wonder how I can help you. And I give you the help : It is not You who’s doing that ! That is you in alignment with a false you. And, that way you can avoid the True You Which Knows the answer. Why? Because It is Home in Heaven.
You can keep arguing this as long as you want, but there is no solution for it. You either join or you don’t!

Listener: Is that the moment of acceptance?

Rananda: Yes, total acceptance.

*The Ordeal of Resurrection by Master Teacher

An Open Heart and an Open Mind

Time is an illusion. There is no past and there is no future! It is absolutely and totally an illusion! You can talk about it if you want to. You can have other people that say they have been around your planet longer than you and therefore there is a past. You can say anything that you want and get the result of what it is that you say.

When you want to discover and experience the Truth, you have to let all illusion have nothing to do with that Truth. You must let them stand apart. Do not try to mix them together. An illusion is not a part of Reality and Reality is not a part of an illusion. Ever!

If you try to mix them in your own mind, you will get the result of doing that and you will call that confusion. You might call your confusion understanding religious precepts and concepts. But confusion is confusion!

Knowing, being in the experience of Being what it is that You are, that is totally different.

Reality has nothing to do with being an intellectual. It has nothing to do with being able to understand every religion that has been upon your planet. You don’t even have to be a scientist. You need but to be like a child! With an open heart and an open mind. And the willingness for everything that you know to be shown to you to be absolutely and totally worthless. And how Everything that is valuable can then be shown to you. Because it is clear to you at this point, perhaps, that what it is that you have been valuing is blocking you of being aware of what is totally valuable.

It is like you have a bucket with a little bit of milk in there. And along came someone who wanted to play a trick upon you and they put some lemon in it. You keep on filling it up with milk, and wondering why it goes bad. Do you understand the analogy?

The lemon will constantly make milk go bad. You have to remove the lemon if you want your milk to be okay in your bucket.

You have lots of concepts that have not served you other than to serve you in your darkness. To verify your pain and suffering. Right? Don’t you verify that there is a lot of pain and suffering here in your world? Isn’t that obvious to everyone? Yeah! So, you’ve got some lemon in your bucket. And you keep trying to pour things into it, right? Good deeds, good works, kindness, and you keep on trying to make your bucket a nice thing. But every time you look around, somewhere there is a war, there is a fight going on, there is neighbors yelling, there is people being divorced, there is … lemon, just mucking everything up. You just can’t seem to get that lemon out of your milk. There is a clue in that!

When I talk about an open heart and an open mind, I am speaking of: don’t hold on to anything! Not even your greatest past experience. Even your most wonderful brightest past experience is past. Anything that is past, is gone. That should make you happy. That would leave you brand new and available to have milk put in without any lemon.


The only thing that is required for what you call the change to take place, is the willingness for it to take place. You have to remain in willingness for it to take place. You have to remain open for it to take place. Which indicates that, if there is ever a moment, which I couldn’t imagine why there would be, but, if there is ever a moment when you are not with an open heart and an open mind, you just stop what it is that you are doing and turn towards the Light and offer yourself into the willingness to be open.


I am not here teaching you to meditate or put in another technique in between there. I am telling you simply, if you don’t do what you do, what It is that You already are will reveal Itself to You. The battle that you are fighting is your own willingness to not do what you have been doing and not find value where you have been finding value. Okay?

When you hear that, you say, “That is really hard. Can you give me a technique? Can you put something in between there?” Then I will say, “Sure, I can put something in there between if you want to, but that is not really what I teach. I am teaching you the fastest thing.”

It is miraculous. It is a miracle. Because the moment you are willing, all of the Love and the Light that there is will come rushing in to match that willingness. No technique is necessary. Love is already what It is. You are already what It is that You are. The only thing that is in the way are your thoughts. The Love from the heart, the Light in the mind will take care of all of those thoughts if you are willing to not hold on to those thoughts and let the Love and the Light take care of that for you. You don’t have to work at this at all.

And that is what most people don’t like. They would rather go, “Hey, just tell me what I can do, will you?” Why? “Yeah, I don’t want to disappear. I want to be around here.”


In a sense there is a practice though, isn’t there? Every moment you find yourself in time, you are required to experience that moment of time, right? You don’t really have an option.

As long as there is time, there is some activity that happens with you.

As long as we are recognizing that all the thoughts that this, what you call world, is made of, is time and space. All of it in its entirety. Right?

So, you are either aware or you have chosen not to be aware. You have chosen to be unconscious, or subconscious, or conscious. Those are what you think the three options that you have. However, none of that stops time. Because those three things are what time and space are.

What is it that will change it then? What is it that does change time and space then?

Something from outside of time and space. Now, fortunately there is only one thing that is outside of time and space. We call that: Everything. And we lovingly call time and space: nothing. Isn’t that nice?

You do it just the other way around. You say, “Beyond time and space, that is nothing. And everything is what I know of.” Right? “Everything I perceive, that is everything.”

When you are awake, it is the other way around. When you are awake, this is nothing. There is nothing going on here. There is absolutely no value going on in an illusion. What value could you have in an illusion? If Reality is Everything that God Created, and God didn’t have anything to do with an illusion – so the illusion has no value – what value can it have? If Reality does not give an illusion value, what value can it have?

Only a value that you give it. But you giving it value makes you a part of the illusion! You removing value from the illusion allows you to be aware of the value that You have been given by God.

God is what Reality is. Right? If God didn’t create any of this, then this doesn’t have anything to do with God. If God created this, we are really in deep shit, aren’t we? You know what I mean? Because Perfection has now created something that is not perfect. And we don’t know how that is possible.

What you call life here is an illusion. God didn’t create that. But Life, Real Life, is what God created, and that has nothing to do with illusions.

You are making up this whole world. It is a dream world. It is a dream of your own making. It is not of God’s making. You are using the power of God, because you are the dreamer. You are the dreamer of the dream, so how could you not be using God’s power to make up what it is that you think is happening.

Finding out that the you that is living in the dreamworld is just a part of the dream, you awaken to the You not being here. The You that is not here will awaken. And the you that you are trying to make, which is what we call the ego, will just disappear, because it is just an illusion. You know, like when the sun comes up, where did all the stuff that was going on with the darkness go? It just wasn’t there anymore, right? Just disappeared. Isn’t that nice? All the pain and the suffering can just disappear, because it has nothing to do with Reality.

Would you be willing to allow the change to take place between what it is that you do and the non-doing that would allow you to be free of all pain and suffering? What it is that you do?

How it is that you think about yourself, even saying, “I understand what you are saying, but I am suffering the pain of my body.” You made a statement, “I am suffering the pain of my body.” When you made that statement, you were using the Power of God to make that “real”. Every time you make a statement, you are using the Power of Reality and you are getting the result of it! Do you understand?

So, you would have to stop doing that and allow other thoughts, that would give you a different result, to replace those. Alright? That is what is required. If you don’t have the willingness for that right now, then you will probably either just reject it, or you will begin to learn. Do you understand what I am saying? You will use time to learn to stop doing that.

Now learn that there is no time! Saying it is not learning it, it is just saying it! Learning it is using every moment looking at your thoughts, and seeing how your thoughts are supporting the idea that there is time, and when it does, you reject that that has anything to do with Reality and that allows you to be available for the experience of no-time.

You are not available for the experience of no-time when you are trying to make time. When you value the thoughts of time you are not available for no-time. You have to use all of time to be available for that shift! That is what is required. Willingness. That is it. Not a big deal. Isn’t that nice?

When I say, “Isn’t that nice?” there is such a reluctance to go, “Yeah, man, it is so simple, I am so happy, it is incredible.” Instead it is, “Hmm, I don’t know, you know… Let me think it over a little bit, you know.”

See, and that is what I am talking about. But if you are aware of your own thoughts, which came up immediately, like, “Yeah but,” or “I know, but that is hard” you put in some kind of a statement of rejection. Unless your mind stays open and you go, “Wow, that is nice to hear. Yeah, that is all that I have to do. Wow. Isn’t that really nice.”

That is an open mind! One that is holding on to all its ideas will go, “Yeah, but man, I’ve tried, and, you know, I’ve tried other things and, you know…” You are running your tape. You hold on to your past and you bring it forward and then you justify why you can’t be open right now. Or, so that you don’t come into the joy of it, you will go, “Yeah, that would be nice, but that probably take me a couple of lifetimes or…” You know, anything to put yourself at a distance, right, from it being right now.

The Solution to the Illusion

Why don’t we focus on what is Really going on? Because that is the solution to what seems to be going on: the illusion. The Love between You and God is the solution to what seems to be going on. How can you bring Love to any moment if you are not aware of Love’s Source?

So, when you are in that flow that movement of Love with Your Creator then It will be extended naturally. If not, then you are focusing on the interactions in the illusion and you are wondering, “How could I get Love into that moment?”

The solution to the dream is: how can we get more Love into it? Well, the way that would happen is: you would focus on Your Creator. Then, to the best of your ability, you let that Love be expressed. That is what your learning is all about, right? Time, then, becomes the learning sequencing of you connecting with Your Creator in watching how It finds Its way through you in your activities in the world.

So, you can ask yourself, “How can I be more Loving?” and God, sustaining You, will help you.

True Happiness versus Focusing on Your Personality

We all have feelings, don’t we? And, how much Love is expressed through us depends on how much we rely upon our feelings and how much we rely upon Love. In A Course in Miracles Jesus says, “Everybody has a self that everything is happening to.” That is the ego!

Every time you think something is happening to you here … that is the ego! Because You are not here! Your True Self is not here!!!

Your true Self is projecting a “here” where the false self is experiencing all the things that are happening to the false self. Don’t get lost in or attached to the activities of the world. If you do, you cannot Know Your Self. You lose contact with Your True Self. When you do that, how can you possibly be happy because Happiness is the association of Your True Self with Your Creator.

Everything else is a reflection. Your True Happiness with Your Creator can be reflected in your relationships with one another. If you are not happy with Your Creator then you are going to be unhappy because of your focus on your personality. Your personality is not getting the happiness that it says it requires. Then, immediately, it will say somebody else needs to do something differently so that you can be happy. This is A course in Miracles, isn’t it?

How can you worship Your God when you are fascinated with what is happening to your personality?

You won’t be concerned about God, you will be concerned about what somebody else is doing. Because that is how you get a reflection about yourself.

If Sally does something, you decide whether she really loves you or not. You don’t know, apparently, that – no matters how it looks like – She loves you totally. You determine by what she says or does whether she loves you. That is the illusion!

If I cannot see through what you do and what you say, I will never Know the real You.

Is Sally innocent? Totally! Can you see it? Not if you look at what she is doing and saying and determining the innocence based upon that. Is that true?

Everyone is innocent! And, everybody is guilty of trying not to be innocent. So, what are we going to do with one another?

You are going to look for the Truth. You are going to look past what is being said and what is being done. Because if we don’t, we are not going to be Happy. Because Happiness is not the interaction of the saying and doing. Happiness comes from God. And, when you are Happy, then your activities will be different here? Then you will express that Happiness?

So, we come to worship God and find what Happiness is really all about. That will take care of the problems that we apparently see in our projections. Because, if You are Happy, why would you want to project unhappiness? When you are unhappy you have not been connecting with Your Creator!

How many times have You been in a state of Happiness and something happened to you and you just overlooked it. Very often? Yeah, because your Happiness is what is true and you overlook something trying to happen because you do not want it to have any value.

Isn’t that what Jesus says in A Course in Miracles, “Do not enter into your brother’s dream and do not invite him into your dream but invite him into a place where you can join. Jesus calls that a holy instant.

That is the nature of the solution. You get clear with your relationship with Your Creator and as you do that, everybody gets included. That is real challenge, isn’t it? Because we do strange things, we say strange things, we think strange things. There is just strange thoughts going on through our mind.

So, we have come here to worship, to be grateful, to be happy, to recognize that the Love is here for us now. We are being Loved now! We did not come here to be Loved in the future. We did not come here to hold on to the past to proof that we or somebody else is or isn’t worthy of Love.

We have come here to worship, to remember the value of that, to express that!