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Please be aware that the Remembering Event which was planned on 12 and 13 November has now moved to 19 and 20 November. Please check our agenda.

Below the weekly inspiration: a powerful quote, a beautiful audio from a teaching, and again a short clip from one of Rananda's teachings. We hope this inspires you and if it does, please spread this on your social media accounts. Thank you!

A Quote from Rananda

Four points of advice from Rananda, about how we should spend our days.
Quote Rananda Four Principles


Rananda teaches from A Course In Miracles. He explains how fear keeps the world we perceive together, and how we can release the fear in our awareness so it can be replaced by Love.

Check out this audio on our website.

There Is No World

Rananda teaches from A Course In Miracles, lesson 132, “I loose the world from all I thought it was.” There is no world. This is the central thought the Course teaches. That is the message of A Course In Miracles. To watch the video, click the image below.
There Is No World Screenshot
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