Dear Thijs,

We are blessed that Rananda brings so much clarity and inspiration to the teaching of Oneness or Pure Nonduality. He keeps encouraging us to choose for More Light, and to remember the Truth.

This week, a short prayer by Rananda, “More of Your Love.” Followed by a quote about rising up. The last part is the first item of a YouTube video series from Rananda, about The Greater Joining. Enjoy!

More of Your Love

Father, I want to know more of Your Love.
Help me to be aware of more of Your Love.
Show me what it is like to be with You.
Show me my Love for You.
Show me Your Love for me.
Let me be aware of what is Real.
Quote 41 You have to rise up so high that the ego cannot breathe anymore

The Greater Joining

In this video Rananda teaches from A Course In Miracles, from the section “The Greater Joining”. This is part one of a series of four videos. To watch the video, please click on the image below.
The Greater Joining YouTube
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